Beer Drinking Songs Of Australia
Slim Dusty
Format: Vinyl (Used)
Cat No: SCXO 430045
Label: EMI
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Side 1

1. He's A Good Bloke When He's Sober, But ...
2. You've Got To Drink The Froth To Get The Beer
3. Pub With No Beer
4. The Hangover Song
5. Mad Jack's Cockatoo
6. My Pal Alcohol
7. Whiskey Blues
8. Pay Day At The Pub
9. Old Bush Barbeque
10. Three Rivers Hotel

Side 2

1. The Boxing Kangaroo
2. Born With An Endless Thirst
3. Joe Maguire's Pub
4. The Pub Rock
5. The Pub Still Makes A Quid
6. The Pub That Doesn't Sell Beer
7. Answer To Pub With No Beer
8. Callaghan's Hotel
9. Duncan
10. End Of The Pub