AMP Hardcore
Various Artists
Format: CD (Used)
Cat No: AMP001
Label: AMP Magazine

CD and inserts are in very good plus (VG+) condition.

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Disc 1

1. Ain't Love Grand (By Atreyu)
2. Vae Victis (By Beneath The Ashes)
3. Number Seven With A Bullet (By Bleeding Through)
4. This Is Not The X-Ray Room (By Clearing Autumn Skies)
5. Far And Away (By Countdown To Life)
6. I've Been Gone A Long Time (By Every Time I Die)
7. Suffocation (By First Blood)
8. Since Always (By Give Up The Ghost)
9. Blessed Majesty (By Integrity)
10. Cavil (By A Life Once Lost)
11. Rose May Bleed (By Love, Hope And Fear)
12. For My Enemies (By Madball)
13. The Great Red Shift (By Most Precious Blood)
14. One For The Money (By Nora)
15. Patriotic Cattle Call (By Over My Dead Body)
16. Head Hurts, Hands On Fire (By Paint It Black)
17. Moments Over Exaggerate (By Poison The Well)
18. Mother Night Revisited (By Premonitions Of War)
19. Pity For None (By The Promise)
20. Paper Tiger (Fakin' The Funk) (By Sick Of It All)
21. Identity (By Slapshot)
22. Push It Away (By Terror)
23. Forever (By Throwdown)
24. Endless (By Unearth)
25. Playing Soldier Again (By Walls Of Jericho)