Trustkill Records: Blood Sweat And Ten Years
Various Artists
Format: CD (Used)
Cat No: TK50
Label: Trustkill Records

CD and inserts are in very good plus (VG+) condition.

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Disc 1

1. Waiting For The Heavens (By Eighteen Visions)
2. A Little Piece Of Me (By Walls Of Jericho)
3. The Arms Of Automation (By ArmsBendBack)
4. You Can't Kill Integrity (By Throwdown)
5. Your Picture Hung Itself (By Most Precious Blood)
6. Pieces Of You In Me (By Poison The Well)
7. On Wings Of Lead (By Bleeding Through)
8. I Should've Sent Flowers (By NORA)
9. The Bending (By Hopesfall)
10. 11th Street (By Open Hand)
11. Slice Paper Wrists (By Poison The Well)
12. Gary Gilmore's Eyes (By ArmsBendBack)
13. Vanity (By Eighteen Visions)
14. Forever (By Throwdown)
15. Decoys Like Curves (By Hopesfall)
16. Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire (By Bleeding Through)
17. The Great Red Shift (By Most Precious Blood)
18. Nobody Takes Pictures Of The Drummer (By NORA)