Triple J Home And Hosed (The First Harvest)
Various Artists
Format: CD (Used)
Cat No: 13242
Label: ABC / Universal
Australian pressing. 2 x CDs.

CD and inserts are in very good plus (VG+) condition.

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Disc 1

1. Relapse (By Little Birdy)
2. Who's Ya Daddy (By Gerling)
3. No Through Road (By Dallas Crane)
4. Break It Down James Brown (By Offcutts)
5. Something White & Sigmund (By Andromeda)
6. Hit 5 (By Lakeofbass)
7. Straight Thru You (By The Morning After Girls)
8. Take It Or Leave It (By Jet)
9. Try'na Bust (By Maya Jupiter)
10. No Illusions (By 78 Saab)
11. Nothing Quite Like This (By Genshen)
12. I Don't Know What To Do Anymore (By Screamfeeder)
13. Under The Knife (By Telemetry Orchestra)
14. Pilot Error (By How Machines Work)
15. Why Do I Try So Hard (By Two Up)
16. Ocean (By Spencer Tracy)
17. Uprock This (By Katalyst)
18. Lock & Load (By The Mess Hall)
19. Burn Down The Parliament (By The Herd)
20. Kid You're A Dreamer (By The Panics)
21. Everytime (By Butterfingers)
22. We're Here About The Buddha's (By Givegoods)
23. Dante (By Fagan)
24. Every Song (By Andy Clockwise)
25. Microphone Diseases (By The Bumblebeez)
26. Armies Against Me (By Epicure)
27. Your Way (By Sarah Blasko)
28. Russell Crowe's Band (By Frenzal Rhomb)
29. Like A Call (By Architecture In Helsinki)
30. Caught Me (By Halogen)
31. Fingerpointing (By Peregrine)
32. Sleepyhead (By Blueline Medic)