Meet The Family
Frenzal Rhomb
Format: CD (Used)
Cat No: SHAGCD2039
Label: Shagpile Records
Released with the bonus "Mongrel" disc, a 11 track live disc.

CD and inserts are in very good (VG) condition.

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Disc 1

1. Mum Changed The Locks
2. Mr. Charisma
3. There's Your Dad
4. Racist
5. Ship Of Beers
6. Be Still My Beating Off
7. I Hate My Brain
8. The Ballad Of Tim Webster
9. U.S.Anus
10. Constable Care
11. (That's) Just Not Legal
12. Hakimashita
13. Genitals Are Funny
14. All Your Friends
15. Beaded Curtains (Part Two)
16. Beaded Curtains (Part Three)
17. Guns Don't Kill Ducklings, Ducklings Kill Ducklings
18. You Can't Move Into My House

Disc 2

1. Intro
2. Punch In The Face
3. 4 Litres
4. There's Your Dad
5. Run
6. All Your Friends Think You're A Fuckhead
7. Urban Myth
8. Chemotherapy
9. Duga Duga Bow Bow
10. Genius
11. Get Fucked You Fucken Fuckwit (You Can't Move Into My House)