Format: Vinyl (Used)
Cat No: ALBUM 112
Label: Disques Festival
2 x LPs.

Cover is in very good plus (VG+) condition. Record has not been test played, but has been visually inspected and has no scratchers or signs of significant wear.

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Side 1

1. Batakum (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
2. Evening Of Cha Cha (Tarde De Cha Cha) (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
3. Merengue Ta-Ka-Ta (Feat. Al Castellanos)
4. Say Say Merengue (Feat. Al Castellanos)
5. Chiquita Cha-Cha (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
6. My Cuban Sombrero (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
7. Bombon Cha (Feat. La Playa Sextet)

Side 2

1. Dansero Cha Cha (Feat. Emilio Reyes)
2. Cha Chareando (Feat. Emilio Reyes)
3. Care To Cha Cha Cha (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
4. Delicado (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
5. Mambo Batiri (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
6. Pla Pla (Feat. Al Castellanos)
7. Together 1-2-3 (Feat. Al Castellanos)

Side 3

1. Speak Up Mambo (Feat. Al Castellanos)
2. O'Clock Whistle Tru La La (Feat. Al Castellanos)
3. Coco Seco (Dry Coconuts) (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
4. La Basura (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
5. The Ambassador (Yo Soy El Embajador) (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
6. Como Como (Feat. Al Castellanos)
7. International Cha Cha (Feat. Al Castellanos)

Side 4

1. No Me Molesto (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
2. The Laughing Cha Cha Cha (Ha Ha Ha Cua Cua) (Feat. La Playa Sextet)
3. Merengue N° 28 (Feat. Al Castellanos)
4. Merengue Pie (Feat. Al Castellanos)
5. Heart And Soul (Feat. Sonny Rossi)
6. Cha Cha On Parade (Feat. Sonny Rossi)
7. Marguerita Mambo (Feat. Sonny Rossi)