Wave Aid: The Tsunami Relief Concert
Various Artists
Format: DVD (Used)
Cat No: 0946 310138 9 8
Label: EMI Music
2 x DVDs.

(Note: Record has been test played)

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Disc 1

1. London Still (Feat. The Waifs)
2. Lighthouse (Feat. The Waifs)
3. Crazy Train (Feat. The Waifs)
4. This Is How It Goes (Feat. Missy Higgins)
5. Casualty (Feat. Missy Higgins)
6. Scar (Feat. Missy Higgins)
7. The Ship Song (Feat. Nick Cave)
8. Barricades & Brickwalls (Feat. Kasey Chambers)
9. Pony (Feat. Kasey Chambers)
10. Not Pretty Enough (Feat. Kasey Chambers)
11. Fall Your Way (Feat. Pete Murray)
12. Lines (Feat. Pete Murray)
13. Feeler (Feat. Pete Murray)
14. Weather With You (Feat. The Finn Brothers)
15. Won't Give In (Feat. The Finn Brothers)
16. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Feat. The Finn Brothers)
17. Evie Part 1 (Let Your Hair Hang Down) (Feat. The Wrights)
18. Evie Part 2 (Evie) (Feat. The Wrights)
19. Evie Part 3 (I'm Losing You) (Feat. The Wrights)
20. Peaches & Cream (Feat. John Butler Trio)
21. Treat Yo Mama (Feat. John Butler Trio)
22. Hello (Feat. John Butler Trio)
23. Betterman (Feat. John Butler Trio)
24. Zebra (Feat. John Butler Trio)

Disc 2

1. Isreal's Son (Feat. Silverchair)
2. Without You (Feat. Silverchair)
3. Ana's Song (Open Fire) (Feat. Silverchair)
4. The Greatest View (Feat. Silverchair)
5. The Door (Feat. Silverchair)
6. Bless My Soul (Feat. Powderfinger)
7. My Happiness (Feat. Powderfinger)
8. Passenger (Feat. Powderfinger)
9. These Days (Feat. Powderfinger)
10. (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind (Feat. Powderfinger)
11. Read About It (Feat. Midnight Oil)
12. Power & The Passion (Feat. Midnight Oil)
13. Say Your Prayers (Feat. Midnight Oil)
14. Beds Are Burning (Feat. Midnight Oil)
15. The Dead Heart (Feat. Midnight Oil)
16. Forgotten Years (Feat. Midnight Oil)
17. Best Of Both Worlds (Feat. Midnight Oil)